Types of Horse Races

Each one has its particularities, and it is important to know them well because when it comes to gambling, they are not the same. We will then discuss a classification of the types of horse racing. These types are particularly an example of the types of horse racing in many countries in the world. It’s all too technical, and that means that to understand it, we should first be a little specialized in the subject.

There are three types of horse races:

Classic racing

There are three types of classic horse racing. The classic races by weight of regulation, conditional classics, and Classic Handicap.

The standard test refers to the most important race of the day. Also, the most appreciated horses of the best level participate for these events, which usually run few races throughout the season to perform at their highest level in these competitions. These classic races can already be conditional or handicap. It’s what’s known as the famous Derby. Also belongs to Class I. from here they are subdivided into Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, Listed and Stakes.

Handicap races

Handicap races: every horse has an index that goes from 1 to 56. The handicap equates an index with a weight assigned according to the automatic handicap; this is a system that seeks to equate the win options of each horse in a race. These races, in addition to being the most common, are those that makeup Class 2 to Class 6. The most common races. Horses usually have a handicap index assigned, which become points that add up and subtract as they win and lose races. It comes to a ranking in which, as in other equestrian disciplines, one receives a score. In this way, groups of horses are established according to their handicap index. It is a method to balance the level of the horses in the races and not establish “a clear winner.”

Conditional Races

Conditional races: when the participation and weight of competitors are subject to conditions previously defined in the season program. The condition may also depend on the age of the specimen. It is a race in which horses must meet special conditions: the most common conditions refer to the age of the horse. In the case of Nursery races, they are similar to handicap races but for 2-year-old horses. Another type would be the Maiden races, races for horses they have never won and usually also young, two or three years old. These tests are generally divided between males and females.

Races claim or Claimers

Popular in the United States and some Latin American countries, they take place from time to time, but in reality, they are not the most successful. They are races, whether conditional or handicap, in which gamblers can “buy” the jockey, at a price that is made public before the competition.

To conclude with this section, there are two types of races or grand prizes that are designated annually by the International Racing book, by the internationally approved requirements. These are Listed Race and Group races.

There are six categories of horse racing. The highest is Category A, and the lowest is Category F. it should be noted that the group and Listed races will be Category A and the sales or claims races and the handicap will belong to lower categories.

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