Horse Riding Classes and Instructions

Riding will help you stay fit while enjoying nature. It’s never too late to learn how to ride a horse, so take note of its benefits and our essential tips for beginners.

Essential tips to learn to ride a horse

If you have already decided to start riding or are starting your first classes, we offer some basic tips to take into account to learn how to ride a horse. Don’t be in a hurry, take it easy, and choose right professionals to advise and train you according to what you look for in the equestrian world.

  • Horse riding

There are usually no bad horses, and all their reactions have a why even if we don’t know it. And we say that it is not often that you encounter a bad horse when you start riding, because those who are not suitable will not find them on a horse, and much less they would be destined for the learning of the students.

Don’t always ride the same horse, ask to ride others because everyone, without exception, teaches you countless things. So you avoid what happens to some people who always ride the same horse, and when they go somewhere else and ride another, they discover they don’t know.

  • Taming horse

Do not intend to subject the animal by aggressiveness; be firm when you have to be, but not aggressive. There’s a big difference between assault and firmness. Try to understand the character and psychology of the horse, and let him be a continuation of your body: feel!!!!

  • Fear of horses

If you’re too scared, get out, because there’s nothing or no one to take it away from you and the horse notices your fears and insecurities. Only you will be able to trust him and your abilities; you must always have respect, but not fear, because fear blocks and respect puts us in our place and keeps us alert to possible danger.

Remember that in horseback riding every day you learn something new, no matter how long you’ve been riding. Ask any questions you have. There are many horsemen from whom you can learn countless things, try to put their recommendations into practice, adapting them to your way of riding, and you will see that there is undoubtedly something that will serve you.

  • Riding a pony

If you want your child to learn how to ride, Don’t deduce that a pony is better or safer than a horse because it’s shorter. A pony with a bad temper can spin where a horse wouldn’t so be it a horse or a pony make sure it’s quiet; there are ponies and magnificent horses.

  • Horse riding helmet

Never ride without a helmet, and it is highly advisable to wear a back guard as well.

  • Fall off the horse

Sooner or later we all fall, the only one who doesn’t fall is the one who doesn’t ride or does it from Easter to Ramos. When you fall, immediately up, even at the step; you have to finish the class with achievement, not a failure (this applies to both the horse and the rider).

  • Choose a teacher

Try until you find the teacher most suitable for you, and by this I mean, understand you and know how to convey to you what you need. Many horsemen and Amazons ride regularly but teach splendidly and, on the contrary, there are those who ride very well but do not know how to transmit their knowledge. Empathy is a scarce commodity.