Competitive Trail Riding

Unwritten Riding Rules

The world of riding, like any other discipline, is composed of a series of unwritten rules. These commandments are very useful for the development of this great sport. It is quite true that experience is a somewhat important element in riding.

Yes, these rules are like commandments that we all have to follow and that we have to try to spread so that riding continues to have that great essence that characterizes it.

First Unwritten Rule

You should never go behind a horse you don’t know. And even if it’s a horse you know. The reactions of our fellow horses are quite quick, and you can get a good coz. The best thing is not to pass and be able to avoid possible accidents.

Second Unwritten Rule

A horse riding is a center where owners and horses live together, so keeping in mind the companion is essential. The horse tack must be in their proper place, that is to say, after putting the mounting head, try to take your tack to the assigned location.

There’s nothing more annoying than coming back from the track and seeing how your newly-released tack is trodden by another horse. Companionship must indeed be present. So if you see a lying horse tack pick it up, it costs nothing

The same thing is transferred to other objects we use (bandages, protectors, sweatshirts)

Third Written Rule

When you go into a clue, tell them about it and see what situation your teammates are in. If there is a round galloping or performing any exercise that you can spoil, warn them, and wait a moment.

Fourth Unwritten Rule

The billboards at the chop shop are not hangers and if you need to take off your clothes or leave any accessories or clothingprovide ask for help and find a more suitable place to place them on.

Fifth Unwritten Rule

Respect the space between horses, when working on a track always take into account the rule of “left shoulder with left shoulder ” and give way if you are in that position. The higher airs have no preference but if you are in step and another person galloping to yield, remember that it is a clue is like a coexistence.

Sixth Unwritten Rule

People who start this sport on many occasions do not control in the same way as we have been for a while. You have to understand that to respect spaces and try to help them is something positive for all. Don’t you think?

Seventh Unwritten Rule

The track is a place to learn, and each track is oriented to an activity. What do we mean? If there is a wind-up track, it is preferable to wind up in this space, not where you are teaching.

Eighth Unwritten Rule

The material of a rider is non-transferable, we should not under any circumstances catch a whip, some protectors, head, clamps, etc. They’re not ours. Another thing is to borrow it. There is that respect.

Ninth Unwritten Rule

Let us not complicate or provoke situations of risk, whole horses are not above other horses. But if I have a mare, we must be careful not to cause awkward moments.

Tenth Unwritten Rule

A horse track is a place to enjoy with our horses, but you have to respect the rules that exist. You can’t run or sound voices while the horsemen are riding. The horses could get scared. In the same way, each owner offers the food he considers to his equine companion, so we should not offer anything to a horse if it is not ours or we do not have permission.