The B.C. Competitive Trail Riders Association is a non-profit society dedicated to promoting and improving the rapidly growing sport of Competitive Trail Riding in B.C. It is patterned after the North American Trail Riding Conference.

Principles that the BCCTRA abides by are:

  • Safety: rider and horse safety are priorities for BCCTRA
  • Fun: BCCTRA provides opportunities for horse folks to get together, learn and create shared experiences through competitive trail riding
  • Education: BCCTRA actively provides education on long distance riding to members and the public at large
  • Horsemanship: BCCTRA provides avenues that strengthen horsemanship skills
  • Horsecare: BCCTRA educates and promotes care in the health and fitness of long distance horses
  • Sportsmanship: BCCTRA believes that every riders experience is important
  • Access and stewardship: BCCTRA members use, create access and care for trails throughout BC
  • Complementary use: BCCTRA promotes the practice of proper trail etiquette with other users
  • Partnership: BCCTRA works with other horse clubs to enhance the opportunities for trail riding in BC
  • Fitness: BCCTRA believes that long distance riding opportunities are beneficial to health of horses and humans.

Our Association

We don’t have to tell you that the BCCTRA's strongest asset is our members — including all of you!  
The Board recently decided to take steps to enhance the identify of its Members, both Club Volunteers and Riders.  Essentially, we feel it''s important to help Club Members get to know one and other.  If you would like to submit a Bio, please email it to, webmaster, and include a picture.  To access a Member Bio, simply click on the Member's name below and the Bio will open in a separate window.  Enjoy!

Tammy Mercer, President
Nancy Gourlay, Vice President
Christine Pacukiewicz, Secretary
Claire Viti, Treasurer
Joanne Macaluso, Cariboo Director
Myrna Thompson, Okanagan Director Director

Image Courtesy of Monika Paterson Photography