Membership Information
How do I join BCCTRA?
Membership to BCCTRA is based on one calendar year, January through December. Membership consists of being either a senior rider (17 to 64 years old), senior plus rider (65 and older) or a junior rider (16 and under as of January 1st of ride year).

Membership with BCCTRA offers:
  • Annual Provincial Achievement Awards
  • Perpetual Mileage Accumulation Awards
  • Annual Breed Awards
  • Information about CTR and Endurance Rides offered in BC
  • Great outings and new friends

By becoming a member of BCCTRA you also must be a member of HCBC (Horse Council of BC). To obtain membership in HCBC please visit their website at:

Click here to download a Membership form (pdf), then complete it and send it to the Secretary (visit the Contact Us page to learn how to reach the BCCTRA Secretary).

Combined Mileage Incentive Program
Riders doing both CTR and Endurance can enroll on our Combined Mileage Incentive Program (sponsored by BCCTRA & ERABC). Riders must be a valid member of either BCCTRA or ERABC and have ridden in a minimum of 1 each CTR & Endurance ride to qualify on the program.

Click here to download a Combined Mileage form, then complete it and send it to the secretary.  

Image Courtesy of Monika Paterson Photography